Friday 1 March 2024

The Nungu experience: We sit, we talk, we get to know you

A new diamond jewellery maker, Nungu, is the newest luxury brand to come out from South Africa. The unveiling of the brand was something special for many South Africans and perhaps the continent over. It meant that those looking for luxury are no longer going to look only at established domestic or international jewellery brands. They can certainly look at a new African brand, and Nungu is that brand.

The new entrant is seeking to position itself uniquely in the hearts and minds of its target customers. The uniqueness of this brand starts with its name, Nungu, a catchy but unfamiliar name locally that elicits curiosity to know more about the brand. So, what is Nungu? Nungu is the Swahili name for porcupine, a small but tough resilient rodent found in many parts of the world ? those found in Africa a called Cape porcupine and they can be found in Central Africa right down to the Cape in South Africa.

?We could have gone for lion, elephant or another big animal to represent our identity, but we wanted to go for something that is small but resilient, which in the context of the global diamond industry, that?s what we are. We are small but resilient? said Kealeboga Pule, co-founder of Nungu.

Communicating brand identity to the market to build awareness can be a tricky affair, especially in an overcrowded market such as the diamond industry. But the stars aligned for the new entrant when it managed to forge a temporary partnership with Somizi Mhlongo Motaung, and his husband, Mohale Mhlongo Motaung, a couple that is arguably one of SA?s top and most recognisable brand. The two brought rings that fetched R2.9 million for their wedding.

The purchase process was beamed on the television show Somizi & Mohale on Showmax, a Dstv digital Channel. On social media Somizi raved about his experience with NUNGU.

Somizi posted this message on his Instagram ?We still can?t believe how @nungudiamonds were able to bring our vision of our rings to life just as we had imagined them. Not only am I proud of what you did for us but it?s so refreshing to see young black folks owning and taking up space in the mining and diamond industry.?

This exposed the NUNGU brand to Somizi?s 3.6 million followers. Not only that, such an endorsement certainly solidified Nungu?s brand equity with existing audiences that includes not only customers but suppliers, media, the community, current and potential investors and government.

The brands unique selling proposition lies in its purchase experience driven by three values provenance, substance and authenticity. ?Each time we see a client, we don?t see them only for an hour. We sit, we talk, we get to know you? said Pule. Through this process, Pule and his wife, Ursula, get to know the clients.

At the same time the customer gets to touch the diamonds, and the jewellery maker shares information about where the diamonds come from, and their investment value. With this experience the jewellery maker hopes to realise its brand vision of building strong family relationship with their customers.


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