Saturday 29 January 2022

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Return, reimagine, reinvent with your future-fit skills plan

Today's challenging business environment serves as a reminder to organisations that talent management, which involves appropriately deploying employees' skills to maximise performance, is a critical function. The world is changing at a rapid pace, and organisations will rise or fall based on the strength of their employees.

The intriguing world of emojis

Have you ever wondered what Emojis are? Where do they come from? Who designs them?

COP26 is another nail in the coffin of coal but it's not buried yet

The dramatic end of COP26 over the wording of the 'Glasgow Climate Pact' once again demonstrated the gap between developing and developed countries on how to reduce global warming. However, the unprecedented mentioning of coal in the Pact, also demonstrated that the gap is narrowing.

Maxhosa Africa: It is not easy to become a fashion icon when consumers have become cynical about brands

South African media has confidence in SA brands based on the positive reviews that they often get.

"My biggest achievement is training black ENT specialists,"says Prof.Tshifularo

In spite of earning global recognition after making history by performing the world's first 3D-printed middle-ear replacement surgery in 2019

As global oil prices continue to soar the world will have to pin their hopes on Iran Nuclear talks that could rescind US sanctions against the Persian Gulf state

As of 16 November 2021 (10:37GMT), the price of Brent crude oil was at 82.55USD.

Will South African politics shift to the left, or right?

Investors wait in anticipation as parties negotiate coalitions after the 2021 local government elections.

If you can keep up, Cloud is the silver lining

If you don't believe Cloud is one of the catalysts to business evolution in our generation, then you haven't been paying close attention.

Corporates need to build shared value ecosystems to rebuild legitimacy whilst making profit

Shared Value Africa Initiative (SVAI) held a virtual meeting in Botswana to explore how businesses could team up with diverse stakeholders including rivals to become agents of social change for women and girls without undermining their business performance. Whilst there are visible attempts at building coalitions that empower women and girls more needs to be done

Unpacking ways to promote and protect investments in Africa

Business opportunities in Africa are becoming increasingly attractive, especially for Africa-to-Africa investment, and the continents potential is strongly being punted by various international financial institutions and market commentators.

Quantitative Easing shines light on SARB balance sheet

Lately Large-Scale Assets Purchase, known as Quantitative Easing (QE), has attracted political attention, inevitably putting a spotlight on the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) and its balance sheet.

Drones must fly over regulations to become sky heroes

Fidelity Services Group recently announced that it has added drone technology in its crime fighting arsenal.

Is Sub-Saharan Foreign Direct Investment honeymoon over?

For the past eight years net inflows in Sub-Sahara were in a decline following an investment surge that lasted nearly for two-decades (1 see graph 1), a sign that the investment honeymoon might be over.

Calls for naval presence to protect maritime trade routes in Gulf of Guinea unlikely to succeed.

The concentration of pirate attacks in the Gulf of Guinea (GoG) has attracted global attention. This maritime region has taken over from the east coast of Africa as the hotbed of maritime piracy. About 40% of the recorded ship attacks in 2020 took place in this Gulf.

Innovation of hackers on the rise

On 14 August 2003, residents of two major cities in USA and Canada - New York, and Toronto - could never have predicted the blackouts that were about to befell them.

New innovations like the Smart Grid Programme are evolving the energy industry in SA

Technology did not evolve at a rapid speed when compared to where power engineering was 50 years ago, advancement was slow.


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